Tracker: Beryl weakens to tropical storm on path for the Gulf of Mexico (2024)

Beryl update: Texas leaders discuss preparations

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd discuss preparations for Hurricane Beryl.

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Beryl has spent the day moving across Mexico after making landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula near Tulum on Friday morning as a small Category 2 hurricane.

As of 10 p.m., Beryl has weakened to a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph. It was located 615 miles from Corpus Christi, Texas, and was moving west-northwest at 13 mph.

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A Hurricane Watch was issued for the Texas coast from the mouth of the Rio Grande to Sargent, Texas, which is located in Matagorda County.

Beryl will emerge over the Gulf of Mexico Friday evening, then attention turns to both its strength and path. According to the National Hurricane Center, Beryl is expected to regain some strength once over water.

Tracker: Beryl weakens to tropical storm on path for the Gulf of Mexico (1)

Beryl path: How will it impact Texas and Houston?

The models have been shifting just slightly northward toward Texas with the path of what will either be a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Beryl.

As of this moment, it does not look like a monster storm, but will certainly bring the threat of gusty winds, coastal flooding, and heavy rain from late Sunday through Monday and possibly Tuesday.

One bit of good news is that, for now, the storm is relatively small, so if its wind field remains on the small side, the wind and coastal impacts will be less severe.

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Monday and Tuesday will bring the risk of heavy rain to much of Texas, including the Houston area. We don't know for sure where a heavy rain band might set up, but the risk is there, so keep that in mind for early next week.

Tracker: Beryl weakens to tropical storm on path for the Gulf of Mexico (2)

Rip currents and high waves can also be expected on Sunday and Monday.

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Tracker: Beryl weakens to tropical storm on path for the Gulf of Mexico (3)

In the short term, expect high heat with isolated rain today and a few heavy downpours this weekend unrelated to Beryl.

The FOX 26 Weather Team is closely monitoring developments. They will continue to keep you up-to-date online, on-air, on social media and on FOX Local.

Hurricane Beryl deaths: At least 9 killed in Caribbean

Beryl, which was once a Category 5 hurricane, has been roaring across the Caribbean for days, leaving a trail of destruction and at least nine people dead.

In Jamaica, authorities confirmed a young man died on Wednesday after he was swept into a storm water drain while trying to retrieve a ball. A woman also died after a house collapsed on her.

Three people were reported killed in Grenada and Carriacou and another in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, officials said. Three other deaths were reported in northern Venezuela, where four people were missing, officials said.

One fatality in Grenada occurred after a tree fell on a house, Kerryne James, the environment minister, told The Associated Press.

Historic Hurricane Beryl

Beryl strengthened from a tropical depression to a major hurricane in just 42 hours, which only six other Atlantic hurricanes have done, with Sept. 1 as the previous earliest date, according to hurricane expert Sam Lillo.

It also was the earliest Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, besting Hurricane Dennis, which became a Category 4 storm on July 8, 2005. Beryl later became the earliest Category 5 observed in the Atlantic basin on record, and only the second Category 5 hurricane in July after Hurricane Emily in 2005, the National Hurricane Center said.

Beryl also marked the farthest east that a hurricane has formed in the tropical Atlantic in June, breaking a record set in 1933, according to Philip Klotzbach, Colorado State University hurricane researcher.

Hurricane preparedness list

JD's Emergency Gear Test: Do you have enough food?

Meteorologist John "JD" Dawson focuses on food in this week's emergency gear test.

You should have a disaster preparedness kit ready to go well before a storm is ever on the way. At a minimum, your kit should have the basic supplies like food, water, first aid supplies and flashlights.

Click here to see a list of basic supplies to include in your hurricane preparedness kit.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Tracker: Beryl weakens to tropical storm on path for the Gulf of Mexico (2024)


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