OStim Standalone Content Guide (2024)

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Attention:Some OStim mods have an OSA.esm dependency. How to fix?

On OStim Standalone, OSA is no longer required. However, older addons may have a dependency on OSA.esm.

You may still have OSA for OStim 1.3 enabled for the mods that require it, as OStim SA does not interact with it.

You may alsoremove the OSA dependency:
1) Open SSEEdit.
2) Right click the mod (in this case, OCrime.esp).
3) Select "Clean masters."

Additionally, the OStim MCM (Mod Configuration Menu) no longer includes an Addon tab, making it impossible to configure certain mods via MCM.

  • For mods that relied on the OStim MCM Addon tab, check if the maintainers have provided updates for compatibility with the new Standalone version. For example,ORomancehas been updated by its current maintainer in the form ofORomance Plus.
  • For incompatible addons likeOSearch,OSound, andOAlign, use the built-in features of OStim Standalone and remove these addons.


OStim SA Content guide — Featured mods— Compatibility
Important:Installation Guide and useful information|Troubleshooting Guide - Frequent Issues


Featured list of OStim Standalone content

The following list is a non-exhaustive list of noteworthy addons. It is not recommended to install everything.

OStim Standalone Content Guide (1)

Must-have:OCum Ascended
The above mod adds essential functionality to OStim SA scenes and is very much recommended.

OStim Animations: see Animations for OStim Standaone up next.
OStim scene functionality mods:Devour |OCum Ascended | OEndurance | OInflation |OSmp|OStim Improved Camera Configuration |OStim Sleep* |OStim Tongue Selector| OSweat |OUranos |Telekinesis (Bluetooth Toy Integration for Skyrim)|Unrestricted MM Animations
Noteworthy mention:OStimSA Alignment Tool. This is a tool for merging alignment data of your installed animations.
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OStim sound mods:Female Moan Voicesets For Ostim Standalone |Naughty Voices for ColdSun's Girls | OStim NetFX* | MasterRoshiHEHE's moan replacerfemale and Lady Dimitrescu version |OSMPV: OStim Standalone Male Player Voice
*You must join theOStim Community Discord Serverto access these links.

OStim gameplay mods:A Succubus' Tale (Remake)|Children of Lilith | Fertility Mode Fixes|Live Action OAR|Love Story Romance Subjects |Morning Sex |OApproach |OComfort|OMerchants |OPleaseLetMeGo| OProstitution for OStim Standalone|ORomance Plus| OSL Aroused - Arousal Reborn | OSL Conditional Horny Idles |OStim NPCs | OStim On Demand| OStim Romance |OStim Simple Dialog |OTrainers |OVirginity Reflowered|OWintersun NG|Smooches of Skyrim| Soul of a Succubus 

OStim quest mods:Amorous Adventures for OStim SA - Open Animations Patch and Fixes | An Evening with Angi |Caught Red Handed|Immersive Wenches for OStim REDUX|More Adventures for OStim |OStim Lovers |OStim Solutions|Prostitutes of Skyrim |Summon Dremora Mistress|That Night on the Lake| M.E.I. - Maven Elenwen Ingun

OStim follower mods and patches:Caesia Ostim patch|Coralyn |Daegon | Elana |Kaidan OStim OpenSex Patch |Love Story Romance Subjects |Lyssia - OStim NG Integration |Nessa - OStim Patch |Serana Dialogue Add-On(requiresOpenSex patch) |Song of the Green|Vayne
*You must join theOStim Community Discord Serverto access these links.

OStim UI mods: Dear Diary Dark ModeBarsand Skin for OStim Standalone |Nordic UI bars for OStim|OStim SA Official Icon Restoration Patch for OARE |Smaller Scene Menu For Ostim Standalone |21:1 screen UI preset for OStim Standalone

OStimmeme mods:OJazz|OWaysWearProtection

Recommended body randomization:OBody NG|OPubes NG


Animations for OStim Standalone

  • In OStim Standalone, animation load order does not matter.
  • However, some animation sets may come with optional files intended to overwrite and load after specific mods. It is the case for OARE and OStim Standalone, namely icon replacers.

Notice:it is NOT recommended to install all animation sets. You should try and keep what you like.
If you install all animation sets, at some point navigation options will not fit the OStim Standalone UI.

Original animations for OStim by Ace
01.Open Animations RE;
02.Open Animations 3PP;

Original animations for OStim by Moon
03.Lovemaking Compendium;
04.Fencing in the Dark;
05.Night-blooming Violets;
06.Momentary Solitude - Ladies for OStim Standalone;
07.Sole Purpose for OStim Standalone;

Original animations for OStim by Drago
08.Drago's Enchant Those Potions for OStim Standalone;
09.Drago's Love Those Neighbours for OStim Standalone;
10.OStim Standalone Anal Animation Add On;

Original animations for OStim by Temryuu
11.OSTEM - Animations for OStim SA;
12.OSTIM - Rest and Respite;

Original animations for OStim by Randall
13.Randall's Fia Hug Pack for OARE NG-SA;

Animation conversions from SexLab
14.VersuchDrei'sBillyy Chair and Bench Pack for OStim Standalone;
15.VersuchDrei'sBillyy Table Pack for OStim Standalone;
16. VersuchDrei'sBillyy Wall Pack for OStim Standalone;
17. VersuchDrei'sBillyy MFF Pack for OStim Standalone;
18. OStimTools'Anub's animations for Ostim Standalone;
19.OStimTools'Nibbles' animations for Ostim Standalone;
20.OStimTools'Billyy's animations for Ostim Standalone;
21.OStimTools'Leito's animations for Ostim Standalone;
22. Magink'sNCK30's Animations for Ostim Standalone;
23.Magink'sAdditional Leito's Animations for Ostim Standalone;
24.Magink'sAyasato Animations for Ostim Standalone;
25.Magink'sBakaFactory's Animations for Ostim Standalone;
26.Magink'sDogma's Animations for Ostim Standalone;
27. Magink`sMilky's Animations for Ostim Standalone.

You can use OStim NG animations in OStim Standalone, however the experience may be strikingly bad.
There will be noiconsand thenavigation optionswill be a mess.

It is not recommended to use them. If you want to use them, install them as usual and use theSearchfunction to get to them.


OStim mods that are incompatible with Standalone
The following is a list of mods that were made for previous versions of OStim and have compatibility issues with OStim Standalone.

Partially functional or unknown compatibility
OAhegaoNG (needs to be updated);
OEquip (may cause crashes);
Excitable Subs: partially functional;
Fertility Mode OStim Patch: keep in mind this was made for the original OStim;
Lactis - OStim Lactation Addon;
OLycanthrope: partially functional with reports of bugs;
OStim Solutions/SexLab Solutions Revisited: mostly works, some scenes reported to cause freezing.Not compatible or superseded (do not use)
OAhegao (original);
OAlign:superseded bynew OStim SA features;
Amorous Adventures, A.A. Plus,A.A. Ostim, A.A. Ostim - OpenSex Patch: These were either not made for OStim SA or have other issues, the recommended iteration of Amorous Adventures for OStim SA isAmorous Adventures for OStim SA - Open Animations Patch and Fixes;
OAroused: superseded byOSL-Aroused;
⁠OBody (original): superseded by OBodyNG;
OCum (original): superseded byOCum Ascended or Inflated;
Eager Followers: superseded byOStimNPCs;
OHeels: superseded by newOStim SA features;
ONights:superseded byOStimNPCs;
OBetternights: superseded byOStimNPCs;
OPleaseLetMeGo: superseded by OPleaseLetMeGo NG;
OPubes (superseded by OPubes NG);
ORomance (original):superseded byORomance+ (the latter still requires the original);
OSearch superseded bynew OStim SA features;
OSound (incompatible with current OStim SA features);
OSound Enhanced (incompatible with current OStim SA features);
OStim Settings Loader:superseded bynew OStim SA features;
OStim Pace Keeper;
OStrap: superseded bynew OStim SA features;
OVirginity (original): superseded byOVirginity Reflowered;
OVoice: superseded byNaughty Voices;
OWintersun: superseded by OWintersun NG;
Scrappies Matchmaker;
VSU for OStim (it only works in OStim NG).

Additional Compatibility Notes

  • Enhanced Character Edit is incompatible with OStim SA, as Racemenu is an OStim SA requirement.
  • Racemenu: Version 0.4.16 (the version for Skyrim 1.5.97) has a memory leak that is fixed with the following mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/70161
  • XPMSSE full version: there is a patch that reduces papyrus stack errors when using XPMSSE full version (that is, with its scripts) and Nemesis https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/60363
  • XPMSSE/SOS: SOS or SOS-based bodies should not overwrite XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition. If you are getting weird body issues or wierd breast issues, something overwriting XP32 may be the cause.
  • CBBE/3BA and CPBC: CPBC should be overwritten by CBBE/3BA in order for body physics to work properly.
  • FK's Diverse Racial Skeletons: this will cause misalignments in OStim SA animations.
  • Conditional Expressions: this will break OStim SA expressions. An alternative called Conditional Expressions Extended may work, but it is untested.
  • True Player Idling: this mod will interfere during OStim scenes and cause UI and Camera issues.
  • NPC Names Distributor: this mod may cause crashes on scene start. Certain versions may also have issues with OBodyNG and preset detection. Try disabling this mod or removing to see if it resolves these issues.
  • Modpocalypse NPCs may cause physics flickering when changing animations.
OStim Standalone Content Guide (2024)


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