Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (2024)

(*ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) Please do take the time to read the Mod description first if you have any questions! (*ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (1)

I LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED. I was about to play the game, but completely forgot that I had Nessa in the making prior to clicking that 'new game' buttonദ്ദി ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ).

I then went

hyperactive-overboard again and decided to make a new custom armor + hair + earring mashup for her oops.
This is more of an excuse for me to upload - as I wanted to share the simple
it took me hours armor mashup I did (ᵕ—ᴗ—)
Nessa's prosthetic arm is what made me more keen to play around with a replacer for her - as I love to see custom followers with unique characteristics and want to make them stand out more!─ ⋆⋅☆ 🗡 N E S S A R I O U S is a custom-voiced follower replacer for the sneaky mod 'Nessa SE' byCraftian, voiced byElena Anderson.
The replacer comes with custom skin based on BnP Female Skin
NSFW! by Fridam & Khisartin, custom hair mashup from HG Hairdos 2 (NSFW!) ported by lemonbalmtea (NSFW!) + Kalilies KS Hairdos series, and a small edit of earrings from Pierced Ears by Nostromo79 (port byxXTainXx).
+ Optional Armor replacer!Please endorse them + give them kudos + check out their other work!

If this isn't your vision of Nessa, that's fine! We have our own preferences for our own modlists. There are many other very well-done Nessa replacers out there that might fit your taste!
Be respectful in the comments.

Please check out Khisartin's DDS Workshop as well, as their work is something someone should not miss out on

(This is my first time publishing an armor mashup, so do let me know if smth is messed up ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ )

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (2)

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (3)

Hard Requirements

- Nessa SE
- OR ezPG (if you use this version)Soft Requirements:
- BodySlide and Outfit Studio (Optional) - Hard requirement if you want to generate your own body meshes - I used my own 3BA Body preset to generate the base meshes.
- Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer
- (Optional) Hard requirement if you want to generate your own body meshes for the armor.
(Optional) if you want generate your own body meshes with 3BA (it should be fine if you only use the regular CBBE (I think...).
I've created a short FOMOD installer to choose between:🗡Installing custom armor (+ prosthetic included) for her (3BA Based).
Keep original prosthetic and armor.
Armor only - can be used with other replacers.The plugin was created in SSEEDIT and is ESL.
Note: I created this replacer in the 1.6.640 version (Plugin v.1.70), and it should work regardless of the new update.NB! Please do double-check if everything was properly installed on your end. I test out my mods, but sometimes I might miss something and modlists differ!

(Feel free to ask questions that is not answered in this mod description).

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (4)

Any other Nessa Replacer/Overhaul - Incompatible, UNLESS you overwrite!

Make sure that 'Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer' is loaded AFTER any plugins that edit their NPC record(s).
Overwrite ANY facegen meshes/textures that the files conflicts with to avoid dark face bug.

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (5)

1.ENB Setups & Reshaders look different for everyone!⋆˙⟡♡
As with most NPC replacers, the NPCs will always look different for everyone - considering ENBs and shaders!
- The hairs may look too shiny in some ENBs if your [Imagespace] and / or [Wetsurfaces] have high values for certain parameters.
- Sometimes, they don't always look so great/ I might have catfished you, but not really ❤️

I'm still a newbie with unique skin textures ദ്ദി ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ).
- Please report any findings if something is amiss (skin texture seams or smth) - comment respectfully please!
3. First time publishing a custom armor (made in Outfit Studio)!⋆˙⟡♡
I'm not as great as the pros in making armors in Outfit studio - I only know the basics here and there... + I don't have plans to make boobies jiggle as I'm not that adept in Outfit Studio + I personally don't like it ദ്ദി ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ).
- Please report any findings if something is amiss (weird gaps or smth) - comment respectfully please!

My ENB is a mess of edits/tweaks off of other ENB tweaks with a personal reshade preset.
Cabbage ENB for NAT 3 Weather
+ mashup of Rudy ENB for NAT 3 (for certain cells and worldspaces)

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (6)

❌Please do not upload the mod as a standalone - both publicly and privately.
❌You are not allowed to modify them and their assets, and then upload it as your own - both publicly and privately.
- Of course, you are allowed to modify them for your own personal use! (Meaning: you do not share it via other public/private/any platforms...)
Please do not include any of my mods in paid modlists.
✅You are allowed to create patches! (Please, feel free to contact me about questions!)

ADDON: You are allowed to create an armor patch for Vanilla bodies if you want!
─ ⋆⋅☆ 🗡 I'm open for edits if something is amiss- amiss, as in if I had accidentally messed up some head meshes (very unlikely hopefully, all my replacers get tested!).
─ ⋆⋅☆ 🗡However, I won't make a whole new replacer for you if there are certain nitpicks you don't like/wish to integrate or remove! (·•᷄‎ࡇ•᷅)
I'm a person who enjoys modding Skyrim on her freetime, along with training to become big buff Nord at the gym with a 9-5 job. Therefore, I might be very bad at replying at once! Sorry about that! ( • ᴖ • 。)Show respect & avoid malicious feedback! xx ❤️

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (7)

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (8)

★˚ BnP - Female Skin !NSFW! by Fridam & Khisartin - for the permission usage of the wonderful BnP female skin series! ❤️
★˚ Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty - by Lamenthia - for the detailed overlays generated in the facetints! ❤️
★˚ Even More Makeup - by CoralineKoralina - for the detailed overlays + additional makeup generated in the facetints! ❤️
★˚ Skin Feature Overlays SE - by DomainWolf - for the open permission of their detailed overlays! ❤️
★˚ Northborn Scars - by Northborn - for the open permission and scar retexture! ❤️

✮⋆˙Hair & Brows˙⋆✮
★˚ SG Female Eyebrows SE by Hello Santa (port by Senturos) - for some of the female brow textures and open permissions! ❤️

★˚ HG Hairdos 2 !NSFW! by lemonbalmtree!NSFW! & KS Hairdos - SSE by Kalilies - for the open permission and the hair meshes used! ❤️
★˚ Pierced Ears - Earringsby Mossa/Nostromo79 & ported by xXTainXx - for the open permissions and wonderful earrings! ❤️✮⋆˙Eyes˙⋆✮
★˚ The Eyes of Beauty - Ai Remastered by wammy + LogRaam - for the textures used for the slightly edited custom eyes! ❤️
+ The Eyes of Beauty series by LogRaam - for the OG Eyes of Beauty series mods! ❤️✮⋆˙FaceGen & Customization˙⋆✮
★˚ Expressive Facegen Morphs SE by Niroku - for the face morphs / mesh! ❤️
★˚ High Poly Head 1.4
!NSFW! - by KouLeifoh - for the head meshes used! ❤️
★˚ RaceMenu by Expired - for the freedom to actually sculpt and create characters! ❤️
★˚ ECE Sliders Addon for Racemenu by Spongeman131, tktk1 & RAN - for additional customization with Racemenu ❤️

Armor Mashup˙⋆✮
★˚Firebrand Scarf by Edryu & Sforzmods - for the open permissions of the standalone scarf! ❤️
+ Sforzmods - Sforzinda imitations - for the open permissions and the wonderful armors (highly recommended!) ❤️
★˚ Dwarven Bikini Armor !NSFW! by nisetanaka / nisekoflio - for the open permissions and the assets used to create the prosthetic arm! ❤️
★˚ Thieves Guild Armors Retexture SE by xavbio - for the open permissions and their wonderful textures! (Their work is a must-have imo!) ❤️
★˚ Female Hands Redone by Artsick - for the open permissions and hand mesh! ❤️
★˚ BodySlide and Outfit Studio by ousnius & Caliente - for the ability to customize armors and bodies! ❤️
+ Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer !NSFW! by ousnius, Caliente & Jeir ❤️
CBBE 3BA Vanilla Outfits Redone by brokkamuky - for the open perms + base Thieves Guild ShapeData mesh! (highly recommended!) ❤️
★˚ Project Clarity - Vanilla Clothing And Jewelry Textures Redone by IconicDeath - for the open permissions and the textures used for the armor mashup! ❤️
★˚ CBBE 3BA (3BBB) !NSFW! by Acro748 - for the sliders used in generating the base body meshes! ❤️✮⋆˙Other˙⋆✮
★˚ Nessa SE - by Craftian - for the original and wonderful follower mod obviously! ❤️----------------------------
Stuff used in screenshots:
Dwemer Armors and Weapons Retexture SE by xavbio
RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition by Gamwich
(used a personal edit in some of the screenshots for my own playthrough - not available)
SPECIAL THANKS ~DarkFox127 - For all the great tutorial videos he publishes on YouTube. After 4 years of modding on my own, his videos have been very helpful
in navigating and understanding Creation Kit and FOMOD processes.
serkethetyt - For teaching me how to customize diffuse textures - it's been fun to play around with and wouldn't have been possible without her advice!

The people & the friends I've made along the way who are so kind and supportive of my work - I always wanted to try share my creations, but am usually overcome by anxiety, so small kindness goes a long way for me!

( • • 。) ❤️

Nessarious - A Nessa Replacer (2024)


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