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Top Football Games

Football Masters
SS Euro Cup 2021
Heads Arena Soccer All Stars
Heads Arena: Euro Soccer
Soccer Random
Penalty Kick Wiz
Penalty Shooters
Smart Soccer
Goalkeeper Premier
Football 3D
1 vs 1 Soccer
Tricky Kick
Pocket league 3D
Football Heads
World Cup: Soccer Balls 2
Ragdoll Soccer
Fiveheads Soccer
Real Football
Football Legends 2021 381903 Plays
SS Euro Cup 2021 363070 Plays
Football Masters 671708 Plays
Penalty Shooters 105261 Plays
Football 3D 74270 Plays
Soccer Random 149986 Plays
Real Football 19732 Plays
Kix Dream Soccer 72204 Plays
Heads Arena: Euro Soccer 172107 Plays
Heads Arena Soccer All Stars 287838 Plays
PSG Football Freestyle 113481 Plays
Real Freekick 3D 5472 Plays
1 vs 1 Soccer 65868 Plays
Instant Online Soccer 77382 Plays
Football Heads 33475 Plays
Penalty Kick Wiz 120952 Plays
Football Juggle 21260 Plays
Smart Soccer 96622 Plays
Pocket league 3D 47179 Plays
Penalty Shooters 3 9428 Plays
Monster Truck Soccer 41042 Plays
World Football Kick 2018 84698 Plays
Crazy Kick! 8404 Plays
Touchdown Rush 43199 Plays
Head Soccer World Champion 66900 Plays
Real Football Challenge 10403 Plays
Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023 8301 Plays
Football Superstars 2022 19399 Plays
Penalty Champs 22 16676 Plays
Fiveheads Soccer 26290 Plays
Football Kick 3D 14271 Plays
Soccer Free Kick 7874 Plays
Puppet Football Fighters 45292 Plays
World Cup Fever 6549 Plays
Football Master 6574 Plays
Tricky Kick 57976 Plays 29815 Plays
Guess The Soccer Star 28072 Plays
Apex Football Battle 7386 Plays
Small Football 23727 Plays
Soccer Master 28808 Plays
Football Brawl 6951 Plays
Football Superstars 2024 4469 Plays
Soccer Balls 16284 Plays
Football Killers Online 8535 Plays
Sports Heads: Football Championship 2016 26667 Plays
Moorhuhn Football 9779 Plays
Ragdoll Soccer 25980 Plays
Goalkeeper Wiz 10304 Plays
European Football Jersey Quiz 9872 Plays
3D Free Kick World Cup 18 8041 Plays
EG Girl Football 8427 Plays
Football Heads 2018 30334 Plays
Football Killer 13072 Plays
Footgolf Evolution 17890 Plays
Tiny Football Cup 9232 Plays
Yuki And Rina Football 8144 Plays
Soccer Worldcup 2018 Face Art 18193 Plays
Super Kick 3D World Cup 6249 Plays
Women Football Penalty Champions 11918 Plays

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Play soccer at Kizi with the best football games online

Football (or soccer, depending where you're from) is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s no surprise that football games rank high among the most popular gaming content online. Here at Kizi, we’ve got lots of different types of soccer games for players to enjoy, from Champions League games with a full team of players to penalty shootout games in which your penalty kicks make up the deciding moments of the match. Select your favorite teams and players and compete for the FIFA World Cup. We’ve got football games for all ages, including games from the funny Football Heads series, nice pictures to color in, and challenging football quizzes in which you have to match the team jerseys and identify the famous soccer stars. Want to continue playing other exciting sports games? Check out our sports page for the full overview!

Enjoy a huge collection of amazing free soccer games

Move your players across the pitch and try to stay in possession of the ball in a range of football matches games. You can play a traditional game of football on a grass pitch, or a foosball or flick soccer game. Position your players strategically and try advance toward your opponent’s goal. Pass the ball from one player to the next and score! In the final moments of the match, it might come down to a penalty kick showdown. Set the speed, angle, and curve of your shots and make your player kick the ball past the goalkeeper. In a number of free kick games, you’ll have to get past an increasingly complex formation of defence players in addition to the goalie. When it’s your turn to protect the goal, you’ll have to react quickly to catch the ball with your goalie gloves. Are you fast and focused enough? Let's see what you've got!

Unblocked soccer game content for laptop and mobile

Enjoy the best online soccer game content wherever you go. While some schools and other public networks try to prevent people from accessing web content like online games on their mobile phones and laptops, Kizi’s unblocked soccer games are always accessible. Keep playing wherever you go. At Kizi, our full range of games is always available for you to enjoy!

Football Games & Soccer Games - Play Online for Free | Kizi (2024)


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