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A Pokémon mod for Fabric and Forge

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Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (3)
Cobblemon is an open-source Pokémon mod for Fabric and Forge.

The goal ofCobblemonis to be the Pokémon mod for everyone, and to integrate much better into modpacks and Minecraft itself than other Pokémon mods. Our source code is open to encourage not only community contributions, but also forking.

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Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (5)
Features (so far!):
  • Capture Pokémon to expand your team, battle wild Pokémon to gain experience, level up to unlock new moves, and evolve your Pokémon. There are over 500 Pokémon to catch!
  • Battles using the Pokémon Showdown! engine for accurate competitive battle mechanics.
  • Some Legends Arceus-stylemechanics, such as move relearning, physically running from battle, and evolving your Pokémon when you decide.
  • Toggle free-movement during battles. You can build, mine, or fight mobs while in Pokémon battles!
  • You can trade and battle with your friends in multiplayer.
  • Let your Pokémon roam free wherever you want using pastures! You can finally enjoy having your Pokémon out with you in the world.
  • Apricorn trees in 7 colors. Harvest apricorns by right-clicking them, and each harvest has a chance to also drop a seed that can grow a new tree. You can use bone meal on apricorns too!
  • Berries which can be found in the wild, grown on farmland, and cross-bred to mutate new berries. You can also use mulches to affect how berries grow.
  • Some new crops that can be grown to craft healing items and foods. They're found in many different places and grow in many different ways.
  • Medicine items can be created by putting crops and berries into a brewing stand. Brewed potions heal more!
  • New ancient structures in the world to explore. Some of these structures have gilded chests, which may contain valuable loot or other surprises!
  • Fossils can be found by excavating suspicious gravel or sand at certain locations, which can then be revived using a ressurection machine.
  • All Pokémon from generations 1 to 9 can be spawned and battled with, but if they don't have a model yet then they will display as a substitute doll.
  • Support for many biome mods, including Terralith, Oh The Biomes You'll Go, and William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld. There's a growing list of others with support too!
  • Full support for custom variations and fakemon using data packs and resource packs. You can find out how to do it using our guide!
  • Cobbled Farms, a tutorial world built by our team to guide you through the features of the mod in an interactive way. It comes in our official modpacks, or you can download it here.
  • Support for both Fabric and Forge - though we recommend playing on Fabric because it's faster and has better performance!
  • ... and many more to come!
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  • Requires the recommended Fabric Loader version for your version of Minecraft.
  • Requires Fabric API.
  • Put Fabric API and Cobblemon-Fabric in the mods folder.


  • Requires the recommended Forge version for your version of Minecraft.
  • Requires Kotlin for Forge.
  • Put Kotlin for Forge and Cobblemon-Forge in the mods folder.

That's it, you're ready to go! If you have trouble installing, get help in our Discord at the link below.

Alternatively, you can download the official Cobblemon modpack on Modrinth, CurseForge, and Technic! We recommend downloading the modpack with the Modrinth App, which best supports the dev team, but Prism Launcher is also a good alternative launcher that can download modpacks from any of these sites.

Notice: Cobblemon does NOT have an official server. You can find servers to play on in the #server-listings channel in our Discord and add them to the multiplayer menu.

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Note: The Cobblemon mod is still early in development and is being actively updated. There are many features that are work-in-progress or placeholders until things are finished. There are also some existing features that will be getting more polish as we keep moving. Many more features are planned, including but not limited to things like NPCs, riding Pokémon, breeding, and structures.

Join our Discord to follow development progress, chat with the team, ask questions, and get sneak peeks into upcoming features!

Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (8)
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (9)
Capture Pokémon by throwing Poké Balls both in and out of battles!
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (10)
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (11)
Fight in Pokémon battles powered by Pokémon Showdown!
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (12)
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (13)
Let your Pokémon roam your world by putting them in pastures!
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (14)
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (15)
Find berries, grow a berry farm, and cross-breed berries!
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (16)
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (17)
Brew potions from your crops and berries to heal your Pokémon!
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (18)
Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (19)
License -The mod's binaries and its source code are licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, allowing public modifications and forks provided that they are also licensed under MPL2.0.

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Cobblemon v1.5.2 ~ Fabric

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Cobblemon - Minecraft Mod (2024)


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