Bacetrica's Eilgird the Guard - Custom Voiced Follower Replacer (2024)

About this mod

A replacer for Eilgird The Guard follower by DavisionByZero. Compatible with 3BA, BHUNP, CBBE, CBBE-3BA, Default-body. ESL-Flagged. Racemenu Preset.

Permissions and credits

Eilgird The Guard - Replacer
By Bacetrica and Ennion3

Bacetrica's Eilgird the Guard - Custom Voiced Follower Replacer (1)

About this Eilgird replacer mod

This is a replacement for Eilgird follower mod created by DavisionByZero.
I gave her a new face and body shape for BHUNP/CBBE/CBBE-3BA body types and also uses player's body and textures. I've edited her default body weight and now she has a weight of 100.
She has three optional hairstyles to choose from file downloads.

Taken from Original mod page

Eilgird is a custom voiced guard follower, voice by the lovely Demon Ferret (akaWeaveUsASwiss), with around 270 lines of dialog.
While not recruited, she guards at the main door of Dragonsreach (inside Dragonsreach, where there should have been a second guard but I never saw one).
While off duty, you can find her eating and sleeping in the guards barracks (the one attached to Dragonsreach dungeon).
She is a guard... So if you play as a thief or if you have bounty (especially in Whiterun) she's not the best choice for a follower.
You'll need to have two small-talks with her before being able to recruit her. If you ask her for her name, her name will change to "Eilgird the Guard" and more dialog options will be available under "Hey Eilgird" dialog.
By default, she is lore friendly, but under her settings ("I need to tell you something") you can enable lore breaking. Currently it enables some extra lore breaking dialog under "Hey Eilgird" and may have additional lore breaking content in the future.
She comments on locations (towns, dungeons and so on). No quest commentary (at this point at least). No romance. Want to know why? Enable lore-breaking and ask her.

For more information about the mod read the entire description of the original mod
" Eilgird the Guard - Custom Voiced Follower "

Step 1: Requires previously installing the original ¨Eilgird The Guard Custom Voiced follower¨ mod file created by DavisionByZero and all its mod requirements.
Step 2: Install manually or with your favorite mod manager one of our mod files. Place the plugin below the original one in the mod manager's plugin load order.
Step 3: Please, do the following only if you notice that she doesn't have a weight of 100 in the game.

First Place your main character in front of Eilgird replacer mod, then
launch the game command console and with the mouse pointer click once on her until the ID numbers are displayed on the screen and type the following commands below.
NOTE:Don't worry if Eilgird's face breaks during process, her face will return to normal when you type the 'enable' console command later.

[1] Type setnpcweight 100
[2] Type disable
[3] Type enable
on't forget to create a savedata, so that her body weight is not reverted to default next time you launch the game.

Eilgird's Face Preset

Mod requirements for SSE and LE game.

For SSE:

Skin texture currently used:Bijin Skin UNP and CBBE SE
ECE Sliders Addon for Racemenu (Hard mod requirement)
High_Poly_Head_v1.4_(SE-LE) (Hard mod requirement)
Expressive FacialAnimation
FULLExpressive Facegen Morphs (EFM) (Hard mod requirement)
Koralina's Makeup Tweaks - 4k 2k
Female MakeupSuite-Face-Racemenu OverlaysVanilla Makeup HD
KS Hairdos SSE.Go to racemenuhair taband search for ( 0Kaia / 0GoldDust / VirginSnow )
Even More Brows - HPH - COtR Go to racemenu brow tab and select (EMBrow_13_HF)
The Eyes of Beauty - Ai Remastered Go to racemenu eye tab and select ( FemaleEyesHumanSoftBlue )
xrayys hd eye normal map SE.You can use the custom mouth meshesfromExpressive facial Animation(optional EFA mouth file download)

For LE:
Skin texture currently used: Bijin skin UNP and CBBE LE
ECE Slider Addon for Racemenu LE (Hard mod requirement)High_Poly_Head_v1.4_(LE) (Hard mod requirement)
Expressive Facial Animation LE
Expressive Facegen Morphs LE
(Hard mod requirement)Koralina's Makeup Tweaks - 4k 2k (LE)Female Makeup Suite LE
Vanilla Makeup HD
KS Hairdos - Renewal LE.Go to racemenuhair taband search for ( 0Kaia / 0GoldDust / VirginSnow )
Even More Brows - HPH - COtR (LE)Go to racemenu Brow tab and search for(EMBrow_13_HF)
The Eyes Of Beauty LE Go to racemenu eye tab and select ( FemaleEyesHumanSoftBlue )
xrayys hd eye normal mapLE

You can use the mouth meshes fromExpressive Facial Animation LE (optional EFA mouth file download)

How to install Preset-Weight=100-
First go to Miscellaneous and download Eilgird High Poly Face Preset SE or LEand install it manually or with any Mod manager.
Launch the game andopen command console with the (~) keyboard.
3-Type showracemenu
to open the character creation tool.
4-Go to Race tab and choose Nord Race
, thengo toHead tab, withinfacepartselect theHigh PolyHead.esm(00KLH_FemaleHeadNord)
5-Go to Body tab
and change sex gender to female thenadjustweight to 100.
6-Go to Preset tab
and search from the list her character face preset and load it.
Finallygo to Sculpt tab and import the face.
f you want to edit the face to your liking, use the Racemenu face
sliders, but keep in mind that this is a custom face preset and it will
not look good replacing default assets with others, it is not
recommended to replace eyebrows with different shaped ones, they'll end up looking weird.

Custom clothes used in screenshots

Credits and Thanks to:

*All credits and big thanks to Davision ByZero for granting us special permissions to edit the appearance of the original Eilgird The Guard Custom voiced follower mod. Please, also give kudos to the original mod author there!.*

*Special thanks to Ennion3 who has been collaborating with me for a long timepre-designing our characters
and build sheets and writting wonderful backstories for all of them. He was the one who had the idea for me to work on this new Eilgird follower mod replacer. Please, give kudos to him!.*

*Special thanks to WeelBones who taught me in detail how to build a follower replacer mod from another mod author. Please visit his user profile and give him kudos too!.*

*Special thanks to ff7legend who was my teacher in my beginnings as a mod creator and taught me everything I know about building follower mods and fix wild edits within their plugins.*

*Special thanks to

all my friends who continue to support our mods.*

Other great mod authors:

Special thanks to Spongeman131 for permissions-ECE Sliders Addon for Racemenu
Special thanks to Domainwolf for permissions-Vanilla Makeup HD - HD Racial Colors and Makeup
Special thanks to DomainWolf for permissions-Female Makeup Suite Racemenu Overlays

CoralineKoralina-Even More Brows - HPH - COtR
CoralineKoralina- Koralina's Makeup Tweaks - 4k 2k
HHaleyy-Fair Skin Complexion.
Niroku-Expressive Facegen Morphs SE.

xrayy-xrayys hd eye normal map SE
rxkx22-Bijin Skin UNP-CBBE LE
shiva182-Bijin Skin UNP-CBBE SE
docteure-The Eyes of Beauty SSE.
LogRaam-The Eyes of Beauty LE.

wammy-The Eyes of Beauty - Ai Remastered SE

Fort Knox world
ousnius-Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE.
ousnius-BodySlide and Outfit Studio.
factoryclosed-BHUNP [UUNP Next Generation]
Acro748-CBBE 3BA [ 3BBB ].
Groovtama-XP32 Maximum Skeleton-XPMSSE.
Shizof-CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions.
Aers-HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics).
shiva182-UUNP Vanilla Outfits Bodyslide.Mitsuriou-Mitsoriou´s Follower Bodies Overhaul-Bodyslide files for Specific Followers and NPCS

GGUNIT- Lux / Lux Via / Lux Orbis
DrJacopo- Cathedral Weather and Seasons
KitsuneNivis- Silent Horizons 2 - Universal Core

ByAndreis-GomaPeroLand SE (Loverslab Website)
ByAndreis-GomaPero Poses SE (Loverslab Website).
By Andreis-Fuwa Poser SE (Loverslab Website).
By Andreis-HC Poser SE (Loverslab Website).
ByAndreis-Wet Function Redux SE (Loverslab Website)
apachii-Apachii Divine Elegance Store SE.
DeserterX- DX Dark Knight Armor Original armor
Dint999 & Daymarr- Mysterious Knight - CBBE-TBD-UUNP SE
Goampuja- Asura's Guard - 3BA - BHUNP - CBBE
NordwarUA- Sons of Skyrim (
Nordic-style armor and weapons)
DanielUA- Guards Armor Replacer

Bacetrica's Eilgird the Guard - Custom Voiced Follower Replacer (2024)


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